Anniversary Celebration!

Anniversary Celebration!

Today is a very special day… We are celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Ceiba Imports!

Anniversary Sale

This past year has been an amazing experience for two friends that have started an incredible journey to turn our dream into a reality.

The word gratitude would describe this year very well. We are thankful to God for this opportunity, to our wonderful customers for their support and for the encouragement of our family and friends.

Ceiba’s vision is to provide our customers with unique, high-quality fashion, accessories, jewelry and wellness products. Every day we strive to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers, one that is founded on excellence and integrity. Our friendship and faith inspire us and we look forward to future opportunities to give back to the community by serving others.

Anyone that has started a new business or pursued a dream knows that it is very challenging but also extremely rewarding.   Here are some of the key things that we have learned this year:

  1. Be resilient. You will face difficult challenges from every direction. Don’t let anyone discourage you or distract you from your destiny. Fight for the dream that is in your heart.
  1. Relationships are most important. This includes your customers, suppliers, family and friends. Do everything to protect and keep those connections intact.  
  1. Communicate – be open and honest … always.
  1. Be grateful for every opportunity. Celebrate every success, enjoy every achievement and learn from every mistake. You will be better for it. Appreciate those that love and really support you.
  1. Maintain balance. Prioritize your faith, family, friends, career, health and hobbies.   Have fun with everything you do.
  1. Dream big and work hard. Climb your mountain one step at a time and enjoy the spectacular view when you reach the top.

To celebrate our anniversary and to thank you, we are holding an Anniversary Sale. From March 25-28, save 20% off your order. Enter discount code Anniversary when checking out to save.

Thank you for an incredible year and we look forward to continued success. 

Happy Easter!

Be Blessed,

Adriana & Geri-Lynn


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  Walt Disney


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