Following Your Dreams

Welcome to Ceiba Imports!  We are an online store that is focused on providing unique beauty, fashion and wellness products for our customers.  Ceiba Imports is much more than just an online marketplace to purchase beautiful, quality merchandise from around the world.  We are a business partnership created by two great friends that are excited to be following their dreams.  As we launch our new business, we want to share our experiences with you.


Our company is named for the Ceiba tree.  This majestic tree represents towering strength, beauty and deep roots.  The Ceiba is a tall, straight tree that grows in many tropical countries.  It can grow to over 200 feet in height and its far-reaching canopy offers protection and a home for many species of animals.  

This description not only characterizes our approach to conducting business but it is applicable to our friendship.  Despite growing up on different continents and speaking a different language, we share many things in common, including being the same age (no comments on who is actually older!)  Most importantly, we are inspired by our shared faith and love for our families and from this foundation, an unexpected friendship started.  We also share other character traits such as loyalty, integrity, commitment, encouragement and a really funny sense of humour.  We also have some differences but we will share those in another blog!



Over the next weeks, we will be writing about our unique items, introducing new products and sharing our adventures with you.  We will be honest in telling you our successes, our opportunities, our fun experiences and our future plans.

As we follow the dreams that have been placed in our hearts, we hope that you will be encouraged to join us on this journey.  We look forward to connecting with you, as together we will discover the excitement of being “Simply Unique.”


Adriana & Geri-Lynn



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