The Business of Being a Mom

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a month and a half since we launched our business! It has been an incredible journey so far and we’d like to thank our husbands, families, friends and customers for your support and encouragement. You have been awesome!

We have committed to sharing with you, our experiences, as we start our new business venture – the successes, the challenges and how we are balancing this with our friendship. We believe in being transparent and open and we want you to know and trust Ceiba Imports. We are very excited as this is also our first bilingual blog – available in both English and Spanish.

With Mother’s Day happening this weekend, it is the perfect time to introduce you to an amazing woman who is a successful entrepreneur, loving wife and devoted mother. It is my privilege to present to you my business partner and closest friend, Adriana Martinez.

There are many wonderful things that I could write to describe Adriana (and a few funny stories too) but today I will focus on the special characteristics that have shaped her as a business woman and dedicated mother.

She is a woman of great faith who is unselfish, compassionate, loving, patient, intelligent, sincere, thoughtful and has a great sense of humour. These attributes have served her well in her role as Mom to her three children and the fact that they have grown into outstanding young adults is a testimony to that. She loves her children unconditionally and has wisely invested her time and talents in their lives. She has set the example of prioritizing the things in life that are really important – her faith, family, friends and business.

One of the things that I appreciate most about Adriana is her quiet strength and grace when facing difficult situations. I have seen her demonstrate great bravery and the ability to forgive.

She brings those same qualities into our business. She thinks about what is important and best for our customers and only selects products that are of good quality and provide value. She is a visionary, creative, disciplined, assertive and always looks for the good in people. It turns out that there are many similarities in running a family and running a business! Adriana is a great example of a woman who has invested her time in the things that are important – her faith and her family while nurturing and planning her dreams.

I hope this has helped you learn about one of the driving forces behind Ceiba Imports. She is a woman who is beautiful both on the inside and outside. She is an incredible wife and mother and I think the very best business partner and friend.

Be sure to celebrate and appreciate those special Moms in your life on Sunday. We have a great assortment of gift cards for Mom that can be ordered and delivered today by email.

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Have a Happy Mother’s Day!


Geri-Lynn & Adriana


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